Farewell and Best of Luck Jamie! Jamie will be attending the Master’s of Music in Sound Recording program at McGill in Montreal, starting this September. Wish you the very best for all the new ventures!

Congrats, Dr. Kozik! Congratulations to Pavel on passing his PhD defence with flying colours! The bright future beckons to you, Dr.Kozik!

Congrats to Noor and Stephanie! Congratulations to Noor and Stephanie on receiving NSERC grants for summer research studies!

Summer 2021 Update Despite the challenges of conducting research in the face of Covid-19, we’ve remained busy here at the Vision Lab. Ray MacNeil presented his work on tracking closed-eye movements with electrooculography at the 2021 Virtual VSS Meeting back in late May. Check out his work here. Manlu Liu also recently presented her research on objective state […]

update on lab alumni Patrick LaFlamme (MA 2017) is now at Goldman-Sachs in NYC. Ana Pesquita (PhD 2016) is a Marie Curie postdoctoral fellow at the University of Birmingham. Allison Brennan (PhD 2014) is a MITACS Business Development Officer. Marcus Watson (PhD 2013) is a postdoctoral researcher at the Centre for Vision Research (York University).

Moving to Cali: Ana and Hubby We are happy to announce that Ana Pesquita, PhD, will be joining the BAND Lab at UC San Francisco as a Postdoc. We hope you have an amazing and eventful road trip down to California, you definitely deserve it. The Vision Lab won’t be the same without you Ana. Stay golden!

Huge congratulations to Allison! Our very own Allison Brennan, PhD 2014, just landed a full time position at Mitacs as a Business Development Specialist. Who better to help bridge the gap between research and industry? Way to go Allison, you’re going to do great!

Go Patrick Go! Congratulations to Patrick on placing top 8 finalists at the City of Vancouver Data Science Competition hosted by DataSense, a local organization aimed at promoting Data Science at UBC! The goal of the competition was to find interesting trends by analyzing years of business licensing data from the city of Vancouver. As a top 8 contestant, Patrick […]

Pavel is now a Master Last week Pavel Kozic successfully defended his MA thesis on using Impressionist Art brushstrokes to create more engaging data visualizations for scientific use. Congrats!!  Pavel is now joining the PhD program in our department and will be jointly supervised by Christiane Hoppman (Health) and Jim Enns (Cognitive Science).

Ana at APS Ana will be presenting her poster on how “Person perception facilitates the reactive advantage: Seeing decision-making in action” in New York City at APS 2015.

Vision lab @ VSS 2015 Rob Whitwell, Stefan Bourrier, and Nathan Wispinski will be flying out to Florida this week for VSS 2015! Stefan will be presenting his poster, “Attentional control strategies lead to different task performance across cognitive domains”, followed by Nathen with his poster titled, “More than distractor devaluation: The emotional boost of grasping a real object”. Rob […]

Good-bye Thunderbirds… Hello Golden Bears! Congratulations to Nathan Wispinski on being accepted into the grad program at the University of Alberta! Best of luck and May the fourth be with you! <insert Oh, The Places You’ll Go! quote here>

Welcome to our brand new website! We’re excited to announce the launch of our brand new website! We’ve redesigned our site to improve our user experience, content, design and navigation. It’s a new mobile-responsive platform for us to share our research stories and to connect with each other. Please explore the website on your own and send us your feedback via […]